Hi! I'm Gaby.

I am a 20-something recent graduate who is trying to make sense of the world and eat every doughnut along the way. I grew up in Ottawa, Canada and after living and studying in various parts of the world (okay, the small town of Lennoxville, Quebec and a brief stint overseas), I am back in Ottawa to work my little heart out and tackle this whole "adulting" thing.

I started blogging when I was studying at Bishop's University because I wanted a way to document the easy student recipes I whipped up with basically a can of chickpeas and some taco seasoning. Breakfast at Midnight was born and I quickly fell in love with cooking, baking, entertaining, and travelling (mostly for the food haha). 

Now that my student days are behind me, well at least for the time being, I am going to be transitioning into this blog, Breakfast & Business. I made the move because to be honest I don't think I've been up until midnight let alone eaten breakfast at midnight since the day I moved back to Ottawa... More business, less McDonald's drive through at 4am. 

I have the best of friends, mentors, and family that are constantly teaching me everything from making the perfect grilled cheese (it's all in the bread), to the value of good listening skills in the workplace. I want this blog to be a tiny space where I can share all that I have learned with YOU! 

Also, sorry for luring you in with that 
picture of the dog but sadly little lou-bear isn't mine.

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